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Behind the Scenes
See me struggle through this interview as I overcome my fear of being on the other side of the camera. Seriously though it was a great experience and I hope you enjoy this 1st ever video all about me! Thanks to Code 360 for the opportunity to share my behind the scenes.
Give a Little
Please enjoy this award-winning funny film I directed and edited, called "Give a Little".The concept was inspired by "Home Alone lost in New York" and "Elf". I hope you do enjoy it.
Fall of the Albatross Music Videos
Experimental music video for Fall of the Albatross- directed by LoudaVision Productions with LandSky Media and Phillip Ferrigon on camera. Love this fog machine and fun lighting! This was so fun.
Fundraising for Flint
Check out this short documentary I created along with the 5th grade girls at Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle to help Flint, Michigan in their water crisis.I'll never forget these girls. It was such a rewarding experience to see them engaged and giving back.Thanks to the Picture House for this opportunity.
New Music Video
Check out this funny music video I directed.