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Laura Meoli-Ferrigon is a seasoned instructional designer, educator, content creator, podcast host & author with more than 15 years experience. Her achievements include a NY Emmy Award, seven Telly Awards and multiple festival wins for her projects, "Give a Little", "Women of Action", "Perspective", and the "Granville T. Woods Documentary".

With a Master's degree in Instructional Design & Delivery, Laura's goal is to empower the next generation to tell uplifting and creative stories to make the world a better place. Combining cognitive processing theory, Mayer's 12 principles of design, and hands-on design thinking strategies with the latest educational technology, she maximizes learner retention and engagement. Creating multi-platform educational media for various learning styles, Laura aims to inspire learners of all ages to become their best self.

As host of the LoudaVision Podcast, Laura interviews experts in various fields on topics related to creativity, passion and career success. This podcast inspired her first book, "Clarity for your Creative Career" which aims to help starving, struggling artists find ways to make money doing what they love. Currently, Laura hosts & produces the "Making Public Health Personal" podcast and creates marketing videos as part of her role at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy. She also teaches digital storytelling and media production classes at Manhattan College and other local organizations in New York.