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Student Showcase: Fall 2020 Digital Storytelling at Manhattan College

View these samples of my students' work from Fall 2020.
{"time":1678737113355,"blocks":[{"id":"atH3G4lCsO","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"COMM 304: Digital Storytelling at Manhattan College asked students to create four types of digital media to be featured on their personal portfolio websites. Offered in a completely online format due to the covid-19 pandemic, this was the first time I facilitated this course. \u200b  ","alignment":"left"}},{"id":"1oGW4Lazl1","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"During our weekly synchronous meetings, we had special guests present their expertise and career insights. These guests included: ESPN Editor Kendra Allman, News 12 Long Island Reporter Kevin Vesey, Composer Neil Mellstrom, Podcaster & Audio Engineer T. Sterling Watson, Advertising Copyrighter Alvin Poyser, Steve Conca of XYZ web productions and Voiceover Artist Tony Daniels. I am excited to share amazing work from my students this semester. To find out more about this course, visit www.Manhattan.edu  ","alignment":"left"}},{"id":"_7gXC4TreP","type":"header","data":{"text":"Podcasts","level":2}},{"id":"7Sxqj1xu2o","type":"raw","data":{"html":"