Clarity for your Creative Career

Tips, advice and inspiration from successful artists to quit the job you hate & create a life you love.

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If you are an ambitious artist who feels stifled, you might imagine quitting your job equals a lifetime of eating ramen-noodle dinners and living paycheck-to-paycheck. That is simply untrue. If you are curious about working for yourself, but afraid to take the leap and actually quit your day job- this book is for you. Arm yourself with the good and bad side of freelance life and entrepreneurship, based on years of research, trial and error.

Emmy Award winning filmmaker Laura Meoli-Ferrigon, shares her transition from full time corporate job to freelance career freedom. “Clarity for your Creative Career” combines perspectives from more than twenty accomplished artists in the field of film, television, music, photography, comedy, writing, publicity, modeling, fitness and more. You will also find insight and analysis for work/life balance from leading coaches, entrepreneurs and professional psychologists to help you define and achieve your own personal success.

If you’re sick of cookie-cutter advice that doesn’t take your unique potential into consideration, it’s time for a new approach. Use your creativity and resourcefulness to survive and thrive. Learn how your mindset and emotions can be used to your advantage, and lead you towards clarity. Discover your ideal career based on past experiences to live a happy, healthy life.
Ideal Career Assessment
For readers who would like a walk-through of the activities in this book, take a look at this video. We will walk through the steps to identify your ideal creative career.