As an instructional designer, I pride myself on my versatility and creativity. Here are some examples of educational content and curriculum I have created for various clients and eLearning projects.

Laura Meoli-Ferrigon
 Recording & Editing High Quality Virtual Interviews via Zoom
Digital Storytelling at Manhattan College (COMM 304) is offered to undergraduates majoring in Communications. The module below was used to instruct students on recording their interviews remotely via zoom during the pandemic.
New Yorker's Free Admission Campaign​
Through Infographics and Social Media Design, I create imagery to share complex information about New Yorker's rights to free admission to seventeen of our City’s most prominent museums, zoos, botanical gardens, performance arts and science centers and aquarium.
Infographics Sample
I created this infographic using Infogram to lay out some important identity theft information as part of a graduate school assignment.
New Student Workshop for Solano Community College
As a project for Bushell Consulting, I created multiple animated orientation videos welcoming new students to the college. This interactive branching experience guides new students on a choose-your-own-adventure style journey, in preparation for their meeting with an admissions counselor.
Discovery Learning in the Classroom
This interactive Prezi presentation was created to tell the history of Jerome Bruner, the inventor of "Discovery Learning", and how I utilize his theories in my classroom.
How to Create a High Quality Podcast
This quick A to Z Guide to Podcasting explains everything you need to create, record and share your very own podcast. It is designed to familiarize you with the basics of podcasting, and break down all the technical aspects from recording to posting. Learn at your own pace, from home or on-the-go. Watch a promotional video for this course below:
Storytelling with Digital Media
This online crash course will help students develop the essential skills for creating professional images, videos and sound. Through fun hands-on activities, learners will build a digital portfolio showing off their documentary film in an online presentation format. Basically, they will create a story, make it beautiful and share it with the world! The digital badge system guides them through a progressive collection of achievements in a fun and encouraging way. Create, Level Up, Repeat.
Money Management (for 8th graders)
This hybrid class (created in Blackboard LMS) will teach 8th grade fundamentals of personal finance. In this group project, I created Module 3 on credit and borrowing, and I designed the course graphics (including the VoiceThread template below).
Adjusting Your Sedentary Workspace for Optimal Health
This MOOC (created in Canvas LMS) will teach workers who sit at a computer for most of their workday how to create and adjust their workspace for optimal health. They will learn how to choose the best options for them and how to incorporate those options into their workday.The following is a personal health assessment I created in H5P along with a podcast that I produced to provide information from a subject matter expert in the field of biomechanics and physical therapy.
Cybersecurity for Higher Education Professionals
This online workshop (created in Google Sites) explores the role and importance of cybersecurity for educational technologists and IT professionals within a higher education environment. "Cybersecurity for Higher Education Professionals" highlights the ethical components related to data security, and asks IT professionals and educational technologists to create an infographic, video tutorial and a proposal for various audiences.The following video is an introduction to this course which I created in VideoScribe.
Adobe Captivate Demo/Sample
View a sample assessment I created in Adobe Captivate.
Photography 101
This interactive Voicethread presentation was created by my senior student interns at Manhattan College to train new hires in best practices for photography assignments.
Filmmaking Tips for the Picture House
I am honored to be featured on The Picture House's At Home Education series.
8 Essential Tips for Recording Professional Quality Videos From Home.
Whether you are recording a lecture, a selfie video for social media or just want to look fabulous in your video meetings, this essential guide explains how to use your webcam or cell phone camera to capture high quality videos that make you look like a pro!
Video Tutorials
Throughout my career I have created various tutorials, training videos and software demos for my clients and students. Take a look at some examples in this YouTube playlist which were designed using video/audio production, animation and screen capture technology. 

Podcast Production

My podcasts aim to teach and inspire. I produce, write, record, edit and host the following podcasts.

Making Public Health Personal

Each episode focuses on an aspect of health and social justice that affects our daily lives. Learn from CUNY SPH’s expert faculty, researchers, alumni and students on how public health policy, advocacy and practices can benefit our ever-evolving community, and our world. You don’t have to work in healthcare or have a PhD to understand these topics. We break them down for you and give you practical tips to make a difference.

LoudaVision Podcast for Creative People

Are you a creative person struggling to turn your passion into a career? The LoudaVision Podcast aims to break the stereotype of the “starving, struggling artist” by sharing ways to make money without sacrificing happiness. Experts discuss what it takes to succeed in the arts, and methods for bringing your creative vision to life. This podcast has inspired the book "Clarity for your Creative Career", Available Now!
Student Showcase
I am so incredibly proud of my students. Please take a look at some of the work they created with my guidance.