As an instructional designer, I pride myself on my versatility and creativity. Here are some examples of educational content and curriculum I have created for various clients and eLearning projects.

Laura Meoli-Ferrigon
Student Showcase: Spring 2021 Digital Storytelling at Manhattan College

Student Showcase: Spring 2021 Digital Storytelling at Manhattan College

COMM 304: Digital Storytelling at Manhattan College asked students to create four types of digital media to be featured on their personal portfolio websites (video, podcast, photo & print). Offered in a completely online format due to the covid-19 pandemic, these students showed great resilience during an uncertain time, to learn new skills & showcase their creativity.

It was inspiring to see my students dig into important stories, do their own research, present facts and shape/present a narrative in multiple formats. Their technical skills were pushed to the limit this semester, and they all proved to be extremely adaptable.

These socially responsible journalists surely used their voices to tell important stories. I am so proud of their work and happy to share it here. To find out more about this course, visit





Video Tutorials
Throughout my career I have created various tutorials, training videos and software demos for my clients and students. Take a look at some examples in this YouTube playlist which were designed using video/audio production, animation and screen capture technology. 

Podcast Production

My podcasts aim to teach and inspire. I produce, write, record, edit and host the following podcasts.

Making Public Health Personal

Each episode focuses on an aspect of health and social justice that affects our daily lives. Learn from CUNY SPH’s expert faculty, researchers, alumni and students on how public health policy, advocacy and practices can benefit our ever-evolving community, and our world. You don’t have to work in healthcare or have a PhD to understand these topics. We break them down for you and give you practical tips to make a difference.

LoudaVision Podcast for Creative People

Are you a creative person struggling to turn your passion into a career? The LoudaVision Podcast aims to break the stereotype of the “starving, struggling artist” by sharing ways to make money without sacrificing happiness. Experts discuss what it takes to succeed in the arts, and methods for bringing your creative vision to life. This podcast has inspired the book "Clarity for your Creative Career", Available Now!
Student Showcase
I am so incredibly proud of my students. Please take a look at some of the work they created with my guidance.